Top 10 Secrets that flight attendants don't tell the passengers

Are you a frequent flier? Or is this your first time flying? Whatever be the case, flying can be overwhelming. Today we present to you a few tips and tricks shared by flight attendants to make your journey comfortable, cozy and uneventful! Read on for more. 
Pick Out, Rear Seats – Ever wondered which seats to pick out while booking a flight? According to flight attendants, the rear seats are an excellent choice. Most people prefer sitting in the front section of the aircraft to be the first to get off when the plane lands. However, you are likely to enjoy better service if you are seated in the back. For example, if you are right in the front, the extra mini bottle of wine has to parade through from the back towards you, making others think they should get one too, delaying you from getting your sip! Also, when you are in the back, it is easier to slip you that toothbrush while no one else is noticing. 
Best Drink To Have on a Flight – Most flight attendants are unanimous on what you should and should not drink on an airplane. Dehydration is natural and happens to even the most seasoned frequent flier. Flight attendants advise against drinking carbonated drinks as it can make you feel heavy, bloated, and distended on a long flight. They also advise against drinking too much alcohol as it can reduce the body’s ability to absorb oxygen making you feel real sick at high altitudes. In addition, alcohol can also cause dehydration and make you a lot more tired. This would make you think that water is the way to go! However, air stewards claim that water from a plane is disgusting since the water that is served comes from a tank under the plane which is seldom cleaned. Therefore, your best bet for drinks on a plane would be packaged fruit juices. You may also drink packaged water, but steer clear of any coffees and teas that may be served on a flight. 
Keep Those Shades Open – You may wonder why you are asked to open those shades when landing. So, keeping those shades open during a landing allows them to look outside and check to see if there is any possible danger, such as deep waters, fire, or snow. They do so to keep you safe, therefore help them by keeping the shades open.
Wear Comfortable Clothing – Flight attendants will agree with you that airplanes are cold, and you are bound to freeze if you are unprepared. While all flights offer blankets, it would be in your best interest to carry a cashmere sweater or pullover to avoid that cold. In particular, the exit rows are the coldest rows and wearing shoes, and warm clothing will surely make your flight more comfortable. Moreover, flight attendants highly recommend layering of clothes and to avoid any clothing that may be constricting at the same time. Also, if you want to get past airport security in an instant, you better avoid all the metal accessories!
Do Not Use the Plane Bathroom Before Take-off – If possible, try to use the restroom before boarding the flight. According to the attendants, if somebody decides to use the bathroom before a take-off, they are required to inform the cockpit to wait for the person to be back in their seats and buckled up before the flight can take off. This can make the flight lose its spot in line and cause a delay in taking off, hence delaying your flight considerably. 
Carry Your Own Blanket – If you are one of those cleanliness freaks, you will do good if you carry your blanket while traveling by air. According to flight attendants, pillows and blankets are seldom cleaned and tend to get reused repeatedly. Most airlines fold the blankets and just put them back, changing out only the pillow and headrest covers. 
Come Prepared – If you are traveling with your kids, carry diapers. If you are diabetic, pack your syringes, and if you have blood pressure, do not forget your medication. Doing so will make your flight uneventful and make it easier for a flight attendant to not rush around to help find a spare inhaler or diaper in case of emergency. 
Carry a Pen – This may seem like a strange one, but according to flight attendants, every other passenger request for a pen when on a flight. If you think you will need a pen, be sure to drop one in your pocket or handbag as it will come in handy when you have to fill out immigration forms or just to have a quick match of tic tac toe with your neighbor. 
Be Respectful – Flight attendants hate it when they have to pick up soggy Kleenex or fully loaded diapers. If you have to get rid of them, ask for a bag or let the flight attendant know so they can grab a pair of gloves and wait patiently while they get back to you to get rid of the trash. It also helps you to keep trash ready when the flight attendants come on rounds for waste. They come to collect the trash soon after a meal, so avoid dumping all your waste in the seatback pocket and instead have it ready to be collected. 
Greet Your Flight Attendants – Saying a hello and bye will make your flight attendant happy. According to air stewardesses, about 40 of 300 people who board a flight never greet them. Flight attendants work hard and often do back-to-back flights. So, a quick hello, thank you and bye, can certainly make their day and put a smile on their faces.
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